New York City Ends Its LGBT Ban on St. Patrick’s Parade

LGBT inclusiveness is an issue that has been historically fraught within St. Patrick’s Day celebrations throughout the country. In recent years, gay and lesbian participants have been outright banned from parades and other festivities, a blatant act of discrimination that came to a head last year in New York and other major cities.Saint-Patrick's-Day-Parade

In a recent statement to the Associated Press, the New York City…

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Black LGBT Activist Arrested in North Carolina

As activists gathered to participate in Charlotte, North Carolina’s Moral Monday event last week, promoting the importance of combating voter suppression and racial profiling, a relevant event was happening just a parking lot away: Activist and former State Senate candidate Ty Turner was arrested for distributing leaflets on parked cars. The arrest, caught on cell phone video by a fellow…

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Teen’s Tissue Donation Denied because He Was Gay

Just over a year ago, 16-year-old AJ Betts took his life at his home in Iowa because of bullying. He decided to become an organ donor months before his death, but now that wish won’t be fully granted. His eyes were rejected because of an FDA regulation that came about around the AIDs epidemic.

LGBT flag

The rejection of AJ’s eyes has made many question whether current regulations are out of date. “My…

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Trevor Burgess just became the first openly gay CEO of a publicly traded bank in the United States. While recent trends in America have progressed toward more LGBTQ-friendly companies, there still isn’t an openly gay CEO at any of the top 1,000 firms in the United States.

Trevor Burgess is the first openly gay CEO of a publicly traded bank in the US

Trevor Burgess is the first openly gay CEO of a publicly traded bank in the US

However, Burgess made history when he became…

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Top 50 LGBT-Friendly Colleges List Released

Campus Pride released an index this week to base colleges off of when looking at safety and academic life for LGBT students at schools across the country. This is the sixth year the index has served as a national benchmark for how LGBT-friendly individual higher education institutions are—and an indicator of progress being made.

“For six years in a row, Campus Pride has seen an increase in the…

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Ugandan LGBT Groups Celebrate, But the Fight for Equality is Far From Over

International human rights communities around the world are celebrating the latest ruling by the Ugandan constitutional court that struck down a recently passed law that imposed lengthy jail sentences for both “attempted homosexuality” and “promotion of homosexuality.” The head of the United Nations called the decision a “step forward” and Amnesty Internationalnamed the ruling a “significant…

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Court to Hear 6 Same-Sex Marriage Cases at Once

Cincinnati’s 6th US Circuit Court of Appeals heard six cases regarding same-sex marriages this past Wednesday, a landmark in terms of the high number of cases being reviewed all at once. Each of the cases was previously seen by lower courts that struck down bans on gay marriage or required state governments to recognize gay marriages that took place in other states.same-sex-marriage-cincinnati

Despite a long line of federal…

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Support for Marriage #Equality Continues to Grow #lgbt

A 2013 poll from Out and Equal Workplace Advocates revealed that 67 percent of American adults now believe that nationwide marriage equality is inevitable. Happily, this opinion is one that is shared with many politicians, legal advisors and analysts, and policymakers across the country. With marriage equality momentum gaining in states from coast to coast, it appears that the freedom to marry…

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US Ambassador Daniel Baer Marries Husband

The United States Ambassador to the Organization for Security & Cooperation in Europe has married his partner Brian Walsh, Baer began the fourth openly gay person in a state department emissary role when he came into the position back in September. He is the seventh openly gay person appointed by President Obama.

Said Baer in a tweet, “So, I got married this morning. Thank you @BarackObama…

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Tow Truck Operator Arrested in Targeting LGBT Drivers


Jason Combs, 45, accused of “predatory towing” tactics.

A tow truck operator in Florida was arrested this weekend after illegally towing cars in Orlando. Not only was he illegally towing, but the operator was also specifically targeting LGBT cars during Gay Days in Orlando. Jason Combs, 45, towed over 100 cars between June 5-9th. Combs’ attorney was not responding to email or phone messages this…

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