#GaymerX Will No Longer Hold Annual #LGBT Conference

The organizers of the GaymerX conference for LGBT games and developers have announced this is the conference’s last year, citing difficulty finding sponsors despite rapid growth.

“This decision was not made lightly,” says GaymerX in a blog post, “but one that was made after spending much time looking over numbers, and realizing that trying to create a mega-event of this size, and trying to grow…

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We Don’t Discriminate! How Mississippi businesses are fighting back against anti-LGBT law.

Derrick Gordon First Openly Gay D1 Basketball Player

A guard at University of Massachusetts, Derrick Gordon is following in the footsteps of Brooklyn Nets center Jason Collins, announcing in two articles on ESPN and OutSports that he is gay.

Paul Singer Makes for an Unlikely but Vital Ally #LGBT #Equality

What if I told you that one of the most valuable allies to the gay and lesbian community is also a straightGay Marriage, white, powerful, Republican hedge fund manager? Believe it or not, Paul Singer – an American businessman, philanthropist, and founder of the multibillion-dollar company Elliot Management Corporation – is paving the way for same-sex marriage reform, LGBT-friendly legislation, and more.…

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In Gays vs. Evangelicals Poll, Gays More Popular

In a poll commissioned by an LGBT activist group, it was suggested that Americans view Evangelicals less favorably than gays and lesbians. The results of a Human Rights Commission poll, released this week, show that 28 percent of Americans see Evangelicals unfavorably, compared with the 18 percent who feel similarly about the LGBT community.

In the poll, just over 50 percent of people hold a…

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Honey Maid: Sweet Acceptance

On March 10th, Honey Maid, the makers of crackers and cookie nibbles, ran a clip promoting ‘wholesome’, featuring inter-racial and homosexual couples enjoying their snacks. The 30 second spot already has over 4 million hits on YouTube and over 1,000 comments, ranging from support to those condemning the ad as ‘promoting sin’.

The social group One Million Moms have already attacked the ad,…

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Tennessee: Voicing Religion but Bullying Gays?

Legislation was passed this week in Tennessee, known as Tennessee’s Religious Viewpoints Anti-Discrimination Act, or HB 1547. It was introduced in the house by Rep. Courtney Rogers (R)and is supposedly to combat discrimination against students who want to express their religious view points. The bill steamrolled through both the House and Senate, earning a 90-2 vote in the lower chamber and a…

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History for Trans People in El Salvador

LGBT History in El Salvador

LGBT History in El Salvador

On March 9th, history was made in El Salvador, where the first time in the nation’s history, transgender people were allowed to vote in an election. Normally barred from voting, as their physical appearance doesn’t match their genders on their identification cards, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal announced that all people must be allowed to vote.

This comes as an…

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J.Lo To Receive GLAAD’s Vanguard Award

She's not just Jenny from the block, but a dedicated LGBT ally. (credit:shutterstock)

She’s not just Jenny from the block, but a dedicated LGBT ally. (credit:shutterstock)

Jennifer Lopez, recognized worldwide for her singing, acting and most recently, her judging on American Idol, will be receiving GLAAD’s top honor at the 25th Annual GLAAD Media Awards on April 12th.

The award is given to those artists who have increased visibility, understanding and acceptance of the LGBT…

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